How Artists Like Jerome Salaya Ang and Avel Bacudio Capture a Fleeting Moment of Inspiration

In the fast-paced world of modern fashion, one fleeting second of inspiration can yield a myriad of different creations. A simple color can inspire a whole couture collection. The texture of a certain fabric can be the basis for a new line of clothing. Even the things we see in nature or in the city can trigger an artist’s light bulb moment. Inspiration is the backbone of the creative realm, but it’s also an elusive necessity for every artist. Because of this, it’s important for an artist to capture his inspiration in a quick second and in full clarity.

Some artists prefer to sketch their visions on paper to get a better guide for their output. Some prefer creating scrapbooks made of cutouts from magazines, newspapers, and anything they seem fit for their next piece. But the most efficient way for creators to get ahold of their inspiration is to simply record it through the lens of a camera.

Seeking inspiration in any situation and under any lighting is not only possible but also incredibly easy with a camera that’s equipped with the latest technology. Vivo’s new model, V11, guarantees a perfect shot every time even in dim environments. Capturing a multitude of hues and intricate details is no hard feat with the AI Camera and the Dual Rear Camera that has 5MP and 12MP lenses paired with Dual Pixel Sensors. Snapping a subject with full clarity is effortless, even in Low Light Mode. The only challenge after capturing your inspiration digitally is creating a masterpiece out of it.

Fashion is all about innovation and inspiration, which is why the Vivo V11 attracts artists of larger scales. Local fashion designers Jerome Salaya Ang and Avel Bacudio know all too well the struggle of coming up with an idea for the next big thing, so it’s no surprise that the features of the Vivo V11 captivated them. For their preparations for the MEGA Fashion Week, they have turned to the fashion-forward gadget to help them in their creative process of finding inspiration and immortalizing their works of art digitally.

Find out everything Jerome Salaya Ang had to say here:

Mega Fashion Week

Find out how the all-new #VivoV11 complements Jerome Salaya Ang in creating his notable fashion pieces and more during the Mega Fashion Week.Ready to take your fashion to the next level? Shop here:

Posted by Vivo on Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Hear what Avel Bacudio thinks about the V11 here:

Mega Fashion Week

Notable designer Avel Bacudio loves the details, color, and clarity of Vivo’s AI Camera!Check out the #VivoV11 as it captures the best of Philippine fashion during Day 7 of Mega Fashion Week.Ready to get yours? Shop here:

Posted by Vivo on Thursday, 11 October 2018

Dare to pursue true artistic perfection and continuously create the surprising. Go out and seek inspiration, and be confident that it’ll be captured perfectly for another piece de resistance with the Vivo V11.

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