See the Top IG Story Moments at the MEGA Fashion Week With Vivo V11

Celebrities were present at the hottest fashion event of 2018: MEGA Fashion Week. Held last October 1-7, featured designers’ showcased their newest collections as musicians provided live music that the models walked to.

MEGA Fashion Week celebrates innovation and embodies a fashion-forward attitude, ideals that global smartphone brand Vivo also champions. To create a week filled to the brim with modern sophisticated style, the two brands teamed up and presented the best of what they do. Vivo caught all the special moments and highlights of each night in a series of IG stories taken with the new V11’s AI Camera:

All the works of art at the MEGA Fashion Week were immortalized with true-to-life clarity thanks to the Vivo V11’s 5MP and 12MP Dual Rear Camera, which is equipped with AI Low Light Mode that helped take bright and crisp photos even with dim lighting. The fashion-forward and innovative features of the V11 and the contemporary artworks of the renowned designers made the MEGA Fashion Week one for the books, and pushed the envelope of the fashion industry further than any collaboration of two ingenious brands.

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