Jo Malone London’s Latest Scent is a Bottleful of Sunshine

Natasha Bedingfield’s hit pop song says she has a pocketful of sunshine. However, you can carry this same positive and sunny energy anywhere you go with Jo Malone London’s latest Honeysuckle and Davana fragrance.

Honeysuckle and Davana carries a very joyful feeling which is perfect for anyone looking for a bright everyday scent to wear. Jo Malone London drew inspiration from the special English flower, honeysuckle. This flower usually grows wildly and unexpectedly. Its scent gives off a surprising burst of happiness as one passes by it.


The fragrance delights the senses with its fruity and floral notes. It opens with a vibrant and fresh note of davana. This scent blooms into a radiant aroma from honeysuckle with a hint of rose. It’s a fluorescent and fresh floral fragrance for the day. As the day grows, expect the scent to mellow down to a warm moss making it more sensual and alluring after dark.

For an extra hit of sunshine, spritz it after showering with refreshing Grapefruit Body and Hand Wash. You can also layer it with other Jo Malone London scents along with the brand’s signature Fragrance Combining. Blend it with Oud and Bergamot for an elegant woody twist. Go with Peony and Blush Suede for a sensual yet feminine whiff.


Jo Malone London’s Honeysuckle and Davana is available in 30ml or 100ml cologne bottle. Bring this fragrance of joy in your home with a warming Honeysuckle and Davana candle as well.

Honeysuckle and Davana is an ode to a sunny spring afternoon that radiates positive vibes and sunshine to anyone who wears it. Liven up your day with a spray of Honeysuckle and Davana.

Jo Malone London’s Honeysuckle and Davana is exclusively available in all Jo Malone London boutiques starting September 2018. For more information, visit their website. Follow Jo Malone London on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for more updates.