Cop That Glass Skin Look and Get Dewy, Youthful Skin with This Miracle Moisturizer

Get ready for a major glow up.

Healthy skin is never out of style, and with the new “glass skin” trend taking over the East, it’s quickly gaining popularity among girls of all ages. This new K-beauty trend highlights luminous, clear, pore-less, and nearly translucent skin and a doll-like complexion without the need for glittery makeup. To get that natural glass skin glow, you have to work hard on your skincare routine. Having a strict skincare regimen is the first step to having a perfect luminous canvas that can stand out on its own. This includes finding the right products to suit your skin type and give you that dewy, youthful look. Here, we’ve compiled the most basic and necessary skincare tips on how you can glow like a K-drama queen:

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Do the double cleanse

Double cleansing refers to cleaning your face first with an oil-based cleanser before proceeding with your traditional cleanser. By cleaning with oil first, you’re gently removing impurities without stripping your face of moisture and changing your skin’s natural pH balance. This is the more efficient way to let your skin breathe and remove any product and pollutants you have on your face.

Put on some toner

Go for a hydrating toner instead of an astringent one. This will help lessen the secretion of oil on your face while maintaining the pH balance of your skin. It will also lift any remaining dirt from your pores to give you a clearer complexion.

Exfoliate to rejuvenate

Lift dead skin cells by exfoliating your face at least once a week. Pick a scrub that’s gentle enough to not damage or scratch your skin, yet potent enough to remove dirt and dead cells to rejuvenate your skin. This will leave your skin supple and let you have a new layer of skin to show off for that fresh, clean glow.

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Make some magic with moisturizer

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize your face with a powerful moisturizer that leaves a dewy finish. Pick a moisturizer that can lock in all the moisture on your face and provide a soft sheen to your complexion, like Crème de la Mer. This jar full of wonders is the holy grail moisturizer that contains Dr. Max Huber’s secret golden elixir to radiance—Miracle Broth. This is the soul of Crème de la Mer which comes from the ocean’s self-regenerating giant kelp. This unique feature of the kelp is harnessed in a three- to four-month fermentation process that transforms natural sea kelp, vitamins and other pure ingredients into the skin-soothing miracle at the heart of Crème de la Mer’s healing moisture. In just 3 days, you’ll have a more radiant, youthful, and glowing complexion for that glass skin look.

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