Lauren Reid’s Face is Fresher than a Lemondrop

streetstyle_featured_image Being called the new It girl has its repercussions–the pressure to be perfect, for one. What does Lauren Reid do to achieve that smooth, glowing and impossibly poreless baby skin? It’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. “I wash my face with a facial soap bar.”

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It’s now virtually common knowledge that anything in bar form is bad for your face. They are drying, leave residue, and have a higher pH than cleansers in liquid form. But some sneaky soap bars have managed to rise above others (and even surpass your liquid facial wash). Try By Nature’s Sea Mud Pie soap, available at BeautyBar under P500. The mud pie attracts dirt like a magnet while soothing skin.

2. “I then apply sunscreen combination moisturiser.”

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Lauren knows that sunscreen is the number one key to beautiful, young skin. Slather on a minimum of SPF30 wherever you go (even indoors, where sunlight can penetrate windows). Try the Face Shop’s Natural Sun, SPF 40 PA++, P945. 103

3. “I apply lip balm.”

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Lip balm with SPF is as essential as moisturiser and sunscreen. Keep those puckers crack-free! Try Sugar Nude Fresh, SPF 15, available at Beauty Bar for under P1,500. re_6374

“That’s as in depth as it goes! I used to have about a 12 step process, but I realised it was just way too many products for my skin. The simpler I went the better my skin got!”

Truly, I’m smiling just about 99% of the time and yet.. Walang litrato! So here’s a smiley one for the books ? A photo posted by Lauren Reid (@laurenreidabook) on

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