We Have a Clever Gift Idea For Valentine’s Day (Don’t Worry, They’re Not Chocolates)

Now that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, some of us might feel pressured to come up with creative ways of expressing our love. Sure you have chocolates and flowers to fall back on, but wouldn’t you want to spice things up a little this year?

Thankfully, Pizza Hut is allowing us to declare our love to those who have captured our hearts in the most adorable way possible. With their #SayItWithPizzaHut campaign, an order of pizza now comes with a limited-edition Pizza Hut Valentine’s Box, which also serves as a giant greeting card.

With this, Pizza Hut offers their signature pan pizzas: the Cheesy Lava Mozza Crunch, Super Supreme and the Bacon Margherita.

We Have a Clever Gift Idea For Valentine's Day (Don't Worry, They're Not Chocolates)

Thinking of writing a heartfelt letter? Or perhaps something short and witty is more your type. Whatever you want to scribble or doodle, the surprise is bound to charm the object of your affection. After all, who can say no to pizza?

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