The Latest Celebrity Craze Will Make You Want to Step Up Your Skincare Game

It’s the 15-Minute Beauty Fix the Stars Can’t Get Enough Of
by Nicole Blanco Ramos, Art by Rafa-el Lopez Celebrity Face Mask Selfies Alexa Chung What is an Instagram account without a VSCO-edited snapshot, a well-styled flat lay or a carefully selected #GPOY? Today’s typical Instagram page is meticulously curated. Something as goofy as a face mask selfie would stick out like a sore thumb for sure. But this is what we’ve been seeing a lot more of lately and we admit we’re loving this new social media trend. It’s silly but it’s a nice break from those #IWokeUpLikeThis posts that, if we’re being completely honest, still require some sort of preparation and maybe 10 or more takes. Think of the face mask selfie as documentation of the raw, not-so glam stage before anything glamorous actually takes place. Call it the pre-glam phase if you will. It looks a little nutty; it may appear a little messy; it’s as real as it gets. On that note, we appreciate these runway models, actors and celebrities who give their skin much-needed TLC and don’t mind showing everyone else how they do it. A gel mask on Cindy Crawford, a clay mask on Tilda Lindstam: a lot are amused by this novel concept but the truth is the face mask is a beauty trend that never really left. It’s actually a vital step probably missing from your skincare routine. Consider the next celebrity face mask selfie you come across a modern day reminder to step up your skincare game with a face mask! Scroll through to see which stars have already taken to Instagram to show off their face mask selfies.  
face-mask-selfie-instagram-megastyle-megastyleph-Karolina Kurkova- @karolinakurkova
face-mask-selfie-instagram-megastyle-megastyleph-Tilda Lindstam-@tildalindstam
face-mask-selfie-instagram-megastyle-megastyleph-Ashley Benson-@itsashbenzo
face-mask-selfie-instagram-megastyle-megastyleph-Mandy Moore-@mandymooremm
Georgia May Jagger, @georgiamayjagger
face-mask-selfie-instagram-megastyle-megastyleph-Kasia Struss-@kasiastruss
face-mask-selfie-instagram-megastyle-megastyleph-Stella Maxwell- @stellamaxwell
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