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Are Brazilians Out? Here’s What Wink Laser Studio Has to Say!

Summer is coming up, and lot of us are excitedly preparing to hit the pool or the beach, with getting rid of unwanted hair as one of our main concerns. Surely many of us are familiar with the plethora of hair removal options; the real challenge is finding one that suits us the best. A […]

By Marella Ricketts | February 15, 2018

Tried and Tested: Pat McGrath’s Tips on How To Achieve The Perfect Smokey Eye

Known to be one of the most classic makeup looks of all time, a smokey eye is more versatile than you think, as it can be worn at a formal event to a date. While many women know this look to be flattering, a lot of them are also nervous to pull it off. Did […]

By Marella Ricketts | February 14, 2018

The 7 Boldest Makeup Looks to Try from NYFW Fall/Winter 2018

Need beauty inspiration? We can always turn to New York Fashion Week for showstopping hair and makeup looks to try out. This season, bold color and brand new techniques of applying your favorite products have been dominating the catwalk. Here are some of our favorite looks from NYFW Fall/Winter 2018: 1. Jeremy Scott A neon […]

By Marella Ricketts | February 14, 2018

The One Gift Every Woman Would Love To Get On Valentine’s Day

One of the biggest days in everyone’s social calendar happens to fall on the second week of February. You guessed right, Valentine’s Day is here and the lovestruck community is getting creative with their special V-Day gifts (we’re giving the usual flowers and chocolates a break this year!). Every lady deserves to be royally treated […]

By Louise Sicat | February 14, 2018

Alternative Beauty: 5 Makeup Artists Who Are Changing The Way We See Makeup

These days, ‘Instagram makeup’ has inspired an obsession on looking polished, or rather perfect for the camera. Although there’s nothing wrong with looking ultra-refined (it’s one way to show off your expert blending skills, anyway!), sometimes it’s refreshing to see the other side of Instagram makeup too. By this, we mean seeing the unconventional. It’s […]

By Steffi Solano | February 14, 2018

5 Ways To Make Pink Makeup Look More Sultry Than Sweet

Let me tell it to you straight: I’m not the biggest fan of pink makeup. There were times in the past when I avoided a certain shade of blush or a lipstick simply because I felt the shade was too “pink” for me. For a long time, I shunned the hue out of my sight […]

By Marella Ricketts | February 12, 2018