Alternative Beauty: 5 Makeup Artists Who Are Changing The Way We See Makeup

These days, ‘Instagram makeup’ has inspired an obsession on looking polished, or rather perfect for the camera. Although there’s nothing wrong with looking ultra-refined (it’s one way to show off your expert blending skills, anyway!), sometimes it’s refreshing to see the other side of Instagram makeup too. By this, we mean seeing the unconventional.

It’s not that difficult to pick up a brush and start applying product but one thing that takes lots of practice or dare we say even actual illustration talent, is blending and precision. We’re not just talking about the proper shading on an eyeshadow look but the actual strokes that make for makeup looks that are worthy of being called “painting”, which is a term derived from the drag scene and used by drag kings and queens. If there’s anything that excites us about makeup these days, it’s the refreshing takes to beauty-no matter how unpolished, grungy, and out of the box.

Meet the 5 makeup artists who take beauty to a whole new level with their avant-garde styles, proving to us that makeup is indeed a form of art!

Juliana Horner (@claropsyche)


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Only a few seconds but it felt like hours

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Hailing from Nashville, Juliana Horner is practically Ziggy Stardust come alive. Armed with supreme blending skills and a knack for all things artful, Horner turns makeup into a whole adventure and evidently so when you scroll through her feed of diverse looks that range from space alien queen to flat out optical illusions. The way this young makeup artist draws on her face is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and one thing’s for sure, it has inspired us to do more graphic work.

Viktor Peters (@viktorpeters)


Toronto-based makeup artist Viktor Peters boasts a feed full of close-up shots of his whimsical creations ranging from ombre lips to smokey eyes embellished with crystals. The MAC makeup artist grew up having an artistic family. He’s even classically trained as a pianist, so it’s no surprise that his penchant for art is now taking him to new heights.

Bea Sweet (@beasweetbeauty)


With big names like Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, FKA Twigs, and Kali Uchis in her client list, Bea Sweet gives us a fresh take on celebrity makeup, as she focuses more on creative looks than your usual glam. The London-based artist works for runway shows as well and she loves the idea of minimalism juxtaposed with colorful hues, which most often than not becomes a staple every fashion week.

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick (@kelseyannaf)

Kelseyanna comes in to show you the art of show-stopping, gothic-inspired makeup. Her famous creations include graphic lips, rainbow brows, and glossy lip tattoos. The Canada-based artist is also a member of Kat Von D Beauty’s Artistry Collective and participates in the tattoo artist’s YouTube beauty videos.

Terry Barber (@terrybarberonbeauty)

Proving that beauty inspiration can come from anywhere, Terry Barber–MAC director of makeup artistry–takes ideas from the everyday sights and creates a makeup look out of it. Orange peels, garbage bags, toilet papers, name it! The veteran makeup artist transforms what is considered bizarre into something artfully beautiful.

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